Disciples are strivers. Disciples are seekers. Disciples are uncompromising. Disciples are witnesses. Disciples are leaders of the followers. Disciples make impact. Disciples experience God first-hand. They are hungry, accountable and outspoken. They are compelled to reach out and draw others in.

They are rare. Like precious stones, like jewels hidden within rock and dirt, they are mined out and shined up after cutting off the clinging remnants of earth. They are time-consuming to make, yet consumed by a hunger for personal change.

They are insatiable in their need to encounter God and be touchstones for others to encounter God.

KIMI leaders are disciples seeking disciples. We could flow with the majority but we are vibrantly discontent with smallness of vision. Our eyes are on the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

We are naturally among the least of Christ’s brethren. We are not often respected for concentrating our attention on the least of the least, children. But we have a vision of eternity which, alone, empowers the struggle for maturity. We hold forth a precious vision of forever. Our children are not only children. They are heroes in training.

Kids in Ministry is not a title, it is a prophecy.  A child who becomes an uncompromising, striving, seeking, hungry, accountable, outspoken witness inevitably enters into ministry. Such joy cannot be contained.