A dangerous church would include “These that have turned the world upside down…” as Paul and Silas were labeled in Acts 17:6. What intrigues me most, however, is the concept that being dangerous in the church today can mean simply not being complacent.

Few churches train kids to turn the world upside down. That would be upsetting.

Complacency is accepted as peaceful. We advertise our churches as places of rest for our souls. It is considered to be a symptom of good order. We believe we are keeping the unity of the body in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3) So we train our children to seek what we value—complacency. Oh, we call it something else. We call it the fruit of the Spirit or good character.

One of the quotes of Jesus I have never heard preached is, “Think not that I came to bring peace but a sword. (Mathew 10:34)” The Pamela paraphrase is “think not that I came to bring complacency but to cut away everything that denies reality.”

Jesus came to bring God’s reality to earth and He called it a sword. This is a world of sin and we are raiders of the found ark. We know His presence and Him. We have access to His nature and His power. We can navigate through the narrow way to God and invite Him into this earth. That is adventure and that is what this generation is seeking.

Adventure-seekers tolerate complacency but do not respect, honor or follow it. Children will tolerate our old wine skin because we have taught them to be respectful but they will search for meaning and purpose outside of the church—unless they see the Adventure for which they are born.