flower-girl-ring-bearer-21As of April, 2014,  PowerClubs operate in 23 countries to over 40,000 children. How they operate is answered on this web site. “PowerClubs”, however, is more than an operation. It is a revelation.

  • It is a revelation that children are present members, not waiting members, of the Church.
  • A revelation that every member of the body of Christ is called to minister
  • A revelation that the corporate presence of God will come in any meeting, not just those led by experienced ministers
  • That even the simplest of people can be profound (Acts 4:13)
  • Proof that God wants the gospel to bring discipleship to all people groups, including the most unreached people group in the world (2 billion)—children under 15. 

PowerClubs are based on the pattern of worship given to the Israelites in the wilderness. We call it “The Tabernacle Pattern”. God revealed in a simple, visual, form how to worship Him. To a people taken out of idolatry, who had no idea how to worship the God of their fathers, God taught

  1. come as you are to me and I will begin to come as I am to you.
  2. when your attention is focused on me, I will activate you in ministry and use you to intercede for others.
  3. as you move closer to Me, My Spirit will move close to you and draw you into My ultimate purpose. We will be family.

The heart of every Christian meeting is to experience God in these steps. As we operate our PowerClubs, we are leading churches of children who are learning to know their Father, to draw near to Him as He is. We, and our kids, learn to be comfortable as we are as we seek to become who He is. In my next blog I will explain more about this pattern of ministry to children.

I will outline how our leaders

  • reveal to children that they are present members, not waiting members, of the Church,
  • prove that every member of the body of Christ is called to minister,
  • experience  the  presence of God coming to meetings led by simple people in fields, living rooms or backyards,
  • hear the simplest of children being profound (Acts 4:13),
  • and prove that God wants children to be His disciples, devoted from childhood.