Read 1 Chronicles 12 and be amazed at the Lord’s evaluation of the men of the tribes who came to David to make him king. If ever you wondered if our God, the Lord of Hosts, is a warrior, this chapter should make it clear that God is a warrior on track to conquer the land of His enemies and set up his reign. Over and over He says these men were “trained in war”, “armed and ready” and brave. I learned even that Zadok the priest was a “brave warrior”.  These were the men appointed to levels of authority in King David’s kingdom.

Our mission is the same as those who fought for David. We are, through His Holy Spirit, through His gifts of ministry, to secure the kingdom of Jesus on earth by defeating His enemies and making Him king in the hearts of many.

Without spiritual training there will be no mighty men and no fulfilled destiny in the kingdom.

Children who are not trained, challenged by developing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will be left out of the battle. They will not make effort to make Jesus king. Oh, they might, for sure, make him Savior and Shepherd. They will be sheep. But you cannot train sheep. They just eat and reproduce.

A Christian who sees himself as a sheep and not a warrior, will be only dedicated to this world, not the kingdom. Good character, good job, good home, good children and good retirement will be his focus. Eternal rulership will never be earned because it will never be practiced in this life.

The significance of being a nation of kings and priest will be irrelevant.

We must do everything we can to stop raising sheepish Christians. It takes challenge to inspire and raise a child in the ways of Jesus who bravely came to conquer the enemy of sin by triumphing over it on the cross. (Colossians 2:15) It takes warriors to raise a kingdom.

Kids only fantasize what they long to be.

Kids only fantasize what they long to be.