Kids in Ministry is crying out to the church to activate God on earth. He is calling for fullness in the fullness of the church population, not just in a few individuals. That includes training our children to walk in power. So many declare what is wrong with the church. We say, “Come! Make this one area right and watch what happens when kids who do know their God are strong and do exploits. (Daniel 11:32) It’s the sweetest, most compliant way to say, “Let’s all grow up together.”

For some, that call is music to the heart. For many, it is a threat. If I should believe that once I come to the cross, I have all I need for the crown, then I am to coast, not climb. “God is good. I am to be good.” I don’t need the stress of stretching into the unknown realm of the supernatural. That’s my box and I’m sticking to it!

Others limited what God could do in the lives of believers. Matthew 23:13: “What sorrow awaits you box-dwellers …For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven…and you don’t let children enter either!” Sheesh, Jesus, take a chill pill.

 Here is the warning: If we have a legitimate call of God to say to the church, “Train your children to know My voice and participate in Kingdom building!” all who hear will be judged as accountable to respond. (See John 12:42-49) We do not speak on our own authority. The Father who sent us has commanded us what to say and how to say it, so we must speak what God has given us.

Even those who agree with us but do not make changes, are disagreeing with God. (Luke 12:47- ouch) The adult church now in leadership is either a door or a lid to the destiny of their children. How serious is that? Children are to be the church leadership in training, moving up in expertise as from addition to trigonometry, yet statistics say 70% of evangelical children do not continue as adult church members. Who will face that judgment?

Jesus said it would be better to drown in the sea than to harm a child. (Matthew 18:5) I can think of no greater harm than to face Christ and know you missed living in the purpose for which you were born.