I rode in the passenger’s seat down a dusty road, looking to the left, then right, at totally bombed-out apartment buildings. I had seen this type of cinderblock construction in many countries but never seen straight through to the internal construction, shredded concrete with rebar jutting out, rusting and spider-like. Then I saw the children carrying uncovered mattresses into ground-floor rooms, beside parents, lifting debris with bare hands, sweeping a place clean for the mattresses. In piles, were household items waiting to begin service. “It at least has a roof and it is cooler,” spoke one twelve-year-old straight to me through a translator. My heart responded. My mind experienced. To be there and be able to look around at the surroundings and hear the voice directed at me took the plight of the Aleppo refugees out of head-only news cast information into my heart where life and reality are united. This plight became mine through experience. Then I took off the VR (virtual reality) headset. The CNN clip was over; I was only aware of my own living room. But I was changed. I had lived the experience of walking with a refugee child in Syria.

Beginning this year, under the Christmas trees of millions of western kids will be a brave new world of VR (virtual reality devices).  “Research firm Tractica believes revenue from virtual reality hardware and content will reach almost $22 billion worldwide in 2020.  These new toys are amazing in their ability to convey a 360 degree video experience that leaves a person with the sense of having had a true experience.

Clean entertainment is harmless, but distraction from hunger for true Reality is (spiritually) life-threatening. The vividness of my Aleppo experience much appealed to my soul. It took me out of the mundane into a stimulating experience.

If we have any message in KIMI, it is give your children God encounters. Introduce them to true reality that will carry them through life and beyond. Faith is our victory and Actual Reality is not only stimulating but satisfying. Though we cannot reverse the avalanche of technology, we must answer it. Beyond any electronic device is a never-changing God whose power outclasses rocket ships, atom bombs and smart phones.

We are in a new level of competition from the natural world as well as the spirit world. Daniel 12:4 is in full swing: “…the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase. ”. May we have the goods to train our little human beings to know their God and do exploits through Him (Daniel 11:32).

Father, give us a platform to shout from the roof tops and break into the heart of the church, “Bring your children into true reality—by experiences with Jesus that cannot be denied, defused or distracted by the increasing options to live in fantasy.”