Recently, for my encouragement, Father brought before me a blog sent out by Alicia White on August 13, 2010. With her permission, I share it with us all for our encouragement as we move into the new year of 2017.

The story of 3 Brick Layers

A man walks by three men who are busy at work laying bricks on the same job. He asks the first bricklayer what he is making with his bricks. He says, looking down at his watch, “I am just laying bricks.”  The man notices that he speaks with a voice of resentment and dissatisfaction. Noticing him look at his watch the inquiring man knows this man can’t wait to be done for the day. He goes to the second man, hard at work, with the same question. The man replies with a voice of contentment, “I am building a wall.” He then  asks the third brick layer what he is making. With excitement, passion, and anticipation he responds, “I am building a great cathedral!”  

Which one are you today?

I believe many of us today that hold the responsibility of partnering with the Holy Spirit to help build His cathedral, one child at a time, have gotten weary of walking against the flow of church culture. Most children’s ministries are building walls of character but not cathedrals of destiny. They have moved passed the babysitting mentality only to embrace a limited vision: children should know who God is but nothing more. They are taught about the fruit of the Spirit without the spirit to do them. They hear about the Bible characters who operated in the gifts of the Spirit but are not ever given the opportunity to use the gifts themselves. They are told they can praise God but worship is saved for “big” church. They see Jesus on projector screens but are never instructed how to walk daily in a living experience of Him. This limited vision pats the church on the back allowing satisfaction with the fact that little Johnny knows how to recite John 3 :16 even though he can’t be who he was called to be in Mark 16:17-18.

But for the few who are willing to keep the full vision in front of their eyes night and day, what joy and anticipation there is to know that we and our children are a part of something much bigger than us. You are laying  down one brick at a time constantly reminding yourself that the big beautiful cathedral you are building is wrapped up in the potential of each individual brick. Oh what a blue print! For parents who can see the full vision, they have embraced their God-given calling and responsibility as the spiritual leaders in their home. They count it as a privilege and not a job. Every time they look at their child they see that vivid mental image of a godly son and daughter of God in progress to lay down their lives for God’s plans and purposes. Corporately, churches can grab hold of the full potential of what they are called to be–leaders of leaders. Their children’s ministries will not only run the race well, they will be filled with excitement and joy to see what their service in God’s army is accomplishing for generations to come. They have laid down the “me” and have grab hold of “we” mentality. Seeing the full potential in each child/youth, they create opportunities for the children/youth to not just hear about God but to experience Him for themselves. They equip them to be part of the bigger picture and not just a wall.