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Intimacy is For Kids

It is a challenge to get 50 kids from 5 to 12 to simultaneously quiet their hearts and listen to God’s Spirit, but it is a necessary part of kids’ ministry. Salvation is God’s plan B for humanity. He never created us to sin. To lead a child to Christ is only a first […]

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Are You on Time?

In November 9, 2009, I received an encounter with God that was deeply moving and tangible. He spoke the prophecy to me that we have only a window of time to prepare our children for their destiny. The time will come when it is too late and too dark. Time for preparation will be […]

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Knowing Before Showing

The message of Kids in Ministry International is a trumpet call to the individual and church families of the Body of Christ: Awaken! Train your children to walk by the Holy Spirit! Along with the cry, we give them tools through training and curriculum. But we must leave our brothers and sisters to take […]

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Children–Life Partners with Christ

Our God is a God of order. That makes us order-nary people when we seek Him correctly. In the wilderness tabernacle, He drew a picture-pattern of the ordered way into His presence. It was for all of his ordinary people, including children. We use this tabernacle pattern in all PowerClubs. It works because it […]

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PowerClubs is a Revelation

As of April, 2014,  PowerClubs operate in 23 countries to over 40,000 children. How they operate is answered on this web site. “PowerClubs”, however, is more than an operation. It is a revelation.

It is a revelation that children are present members, not waiting members, of the Church.
A revelation that every member of the body of […]

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