In November 9, 2009, I received an encounter with God that was deeply moving and tangible. He spoke the prophecy to me that we have only a window of time to prepare our children for their destiny. The time will come when it is too late and too dark. Time for preparation will be over. Last evening, November 5, 2014, I heard Dutch Sheets proclaim that we are in a window of time that is NOW. Following is an opening word from his book, God’s Timing for Your Life, available at

“Ecclesiastes tells us that God is a God of timing: “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven” (Eccles. 3: 1). We need to understand the timings and seasons God ordains for our lives, ministries, cities and nations.”

Our leader, Becky Fischer, has heard both the words, “shift” and “turning point” for KIMI. She had made shifts and declared during our October leadership conference that we are at a turning point. Dutch Sheets gave a witness to her word last evening and I offer my notes below for your consideration:

Because we live in time, “chronos” time is always with us. Kairos time, however, is only periodically with us. It is a season for action, the ripe time for change, a window of time when we must “pull the trigger” for our next season to become a reality.

We are recapturing God’s plan and now the ages past and ages future are beginning to connect. We are about to come into the greatest harvest in history. Billions more people will be saved—more than in the book of Acts. We must get into alignment so we can transition to this next phase of God’s destiny. It’s time to “shift”. It’s time now to shift. God is waiting on us. He is meeting those who move out with expectation. They are seeing increase in the results of their ministry.

It is like the whole body of Christ is pregnant. Some of these have been pregnant for a long time but never able to bring forth to birth. For many, this is because it has not been God’s timing, but this is the season of birthing. No more delay. Some of these pregnancies are redeemed from family lines, from generations who disregarded and discarded God’s callings. They will be birthed through members of the present generation. There is an entire generation that is about to be “mantled”—equipped and anointed. They will see more souls saved than any previous generation.

If you allow God to put you through the transition (symbolized by the number 11), He will take you to the higher level (12). We each need to cast the deciding vote for our own destiny. We must break out of everything that is holding us back, individually. There is no human being on earth who does not have a purpose, a mantle, and now everything on planet earth is in transition to birth the Harvest. Everything is about to change and there will be no more delay.

From his book, “As we move forward into God-given destinies, it is reassuring to know that God has already been there. Every chronos, kairos and fullness season He has seen before. The shifts— the “new” and “hidden” places— are only new and hidden to us. God understands full well how to open the doors of breakthrough, victory and fruitfulness because He, the incarnated God, has been here before. “I know your deeds. Behold , I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name” (Rev. 3: 8).”

Sheets, Dutch (2001-04-05). God’s Timing for Your Life (Kindle Locations 718-723). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.Me in wheat fields