Some years ago, the Lord said to me, “You no longer have any responsibility for others or even your own life. You have only response-ability.” Because the Holy Spirit was dealing with me, I partially understood the admonition. I felt responsible for decisions that were not mine to make.  I even wanted to “help”.  Father taught me in that one statement that unless He is calling me into action, I have no ability to respond to a circumstance. I must pray…and wait…and believe.

Fully grasping this word has been like struggling into a dress several sizes too small. I have dieted my desire to fix others or myself or my circumstances, but after twenty-many years, I can finally get the zipper up.  Ahh, rest and release…but…

Since January, I have been declaring, “This is a new season.” I could not tell anyone what that meant, only that this understanding came to me as a meaningful directive from the Lord. I have kept asking, “What does ‘new season’ mean Lord?”

This week, He answered me, saying, “This is a new season of responsibility.”  In brief, I believe God is telling me we are being called to a new level of kingdom leadership and need to be alert.

He desires us to more openly declare the gospel, to take more initiative to expand the vision of child-discipleship, to employ our finances by God’s principles and to look for new opportunities to minister. Since January I have been given several opportunities to break through my natural discomfort at “being different.” I led people into salvation in public stores, made an impact against Halloween in my home decorations, got out of debt and trained children’s workers in two Virginia churches. Each of these experiences took a bit of new courage and a lot of faith to speak up and stand up.

A change of Grace is available to us right now to do what yesterday seemed impetuous. It is as if the church has reached adolescence and Father has handed us the car keys. We must be boldly submissive and brave to do what we formerly felt uncomfortable doing.  We must, in this new season, be obedient to take new initiative if we ever want to go on into fullness. If Dad is saying, “I have new expectations and new opportunities because I know you can now handle them,” let us respond with faith. God’s vision of us and our place of leadership in the kingdom of God is expanding.

Drive responsibly.