Pamela Ayres, 2012KIMI on the move…

PowerClubs is not just a club. It is a vision—a revelation—and a commission. It is, if you will, the junior version of the Great Commission, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all children.” Every society recognizes the need to educate their children to contribute as citizens of their nation. In the same way, the church must recognize the need to train their children to contribute as citizens of heaven.

Because PowerClubs is a vision, it is flexible. In multiple cultures, kids are mentored by the Holy Spirit. They have serious on-fire fun with God.

Because PowerClubs is a revelation, it is a tool that anyone can adapt to bring children into an encounter with Christ. The tabernacle pattern of children’s ministry is so simple because it follows the formula God gave from the beginning to meet with Him.

Because PowerClubs is a commission, we become part of securing our destiny and the destiny of our children. May they flourish as leaders of the free world—God’s Kingdom on earth!

Pamela Ayres
International PowerClub Coordinator
KIMI Ambassador at Large